More then just Reiki!

Need a host for your Retreat weekend? Looking for guided meditations, Reiki Circles, or vision board classes? Not sure if you're ready for a Reiki class, but would like a Reiki introductory class offered at your clinic or school? I love teaching and leading, so let's chat! 


Hire a Retreat Leader or Workshop Presenter 

This YouTube video shows an example of me giving the opening speech for a United Methodist Congregation's retreat weekend. After the speech, I offered guided meditation workshops on "Receiving, Understanding and Utilizing God's Gifts". I also offered my expertise to the congregation on retreat format and led a private guided meditation to the organizers and contributors of the event in preparation for the retreat weekend. 

Vision Board Class

Manifest your success in love, relationships and life with the power of vision boards. Craft and create your dreams, visions, and goals in a visual representation. This will be an enjoyable way to focus in on your higher vision for yourself and your life by removing limiting thoughts and letting your inner child shine. 

l present the manifesting properties of vision boards in accordance with the Law of Attraction, and bless your vision boards with Reiki.


colored pencils.jpg

Reiki Family/ Kids Class

I love helping create Reiki families! This kid-focused class gives tools to parents and children to create Reiki habits and understand one's own energy and how it affects others. Lessons are through story-telling, art, and nature walks.

Either offered for individual families or groups of children.

For more information or pricing, please call to discuss! 406-404-9139