Reiki Apprenticeship 3-Month Program


Reiki Apprenticeship 3-Month Program

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Too often I hear, "Did the Attunement work", "My teacher left me", "Am I missing something"... And this has become the unfortunate circumstances of the 21st Century of Reiki. I too was left by my Reiki Master with little information to go on and felt like something was missing. But pressed on, diving deeper in my spiritual practice, into Reiki manuals and even to the point of hiring new Reiki Masters to "reattune" me. 

But what truly is missing is the traditional model of teaching of apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is where you shadow a teacher, assist a teacher, and then be observed by your teacher who guides you toward success, all the while participating in self-study and taking classes offered by your teacher. No matter what level you are or Reiki background you are from, this has tremendous benefits. Your questions are answered meaningfully and you finally trust that Reiki can be a career and not just a hobby. 

This 3-Month Reiki Apprenticeship commitment includes 3 steps: 

Step One: Evaluate

  • Evaluation of Reiki level and skills
  • Evaluation of Chakra health
  • Evaluation of spiritual gifts
  • Evaluation Reiki goals, dreams, and ambitions
  • Evaluation of emotional blocks getting in the way of manifesting your Reiki Dreams
  • We may do a guided meditation, Shamanic Journey, and/or Reiki distance session to include Spirit input

Step Two: Plan

  • Develop plan based on current skills and development as well as direction of Reiki path
    • Goals setting may include:
      • Healing of blockages / dis-ease / Chakra balancing
      • Development of spiritual gifts & communication with Spirit Guides
      • Development of business outline and business actions steps

Step Three: Implement

  • Action steps may include, but not limited to:
    • Daily Reiki
    • Distance Reiki trade with me
    • Participation in Challenges, Webinars, etc.
      • Self-healing practices
      • Chakras
      • Spiritual gifts
      • Anatomy & Physiology for Reiki Practitioners, includes metaphysical content
    • Training calls to develop technical skills (website, graphics, ads, social media, etc.) to further your Reiki business as well as branding
    • Develop Reiki skills
      • Classes on How to perform Chakra Analysis, Use of Symbols, Manifestation/ LOA, Shamanic Journey basics, How to offer Guided Meditation, etc.
      • Distance Attunements/ Level Classes only as needed on an individual basis
      • By assisting with my Reiki client’s sessions (local or distance participation)
      • With my assistance for your clients and/or Reiki classes
        • Willing to travel with expenses covered
    • Observation of my Reiki classes up to your Reiki level (distance via Skype or similar)
  • Regular calls to tweak homework and assess progress of skills
    • We develop a relationship so I may be your guide in honoring your Reiki path, within the Spirit realm as well as the business world.

You may feel called to continue in apprenticeship beyond the 3 months, always with the goal of the student feeling confident, cared for, and guided toward her/his Reiki Dreams.