Bless your Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Experience

Pregnancy raises your emotional awareness and tends to heightens anxiety in the process. Mothers are also more motivated to resolve emotional and health issues. The care a mother receives can impact the rest of her life which is why I love working with pregnant clients. Here are some options to support your pregnancy beyond a Reiki Session. 



Sacred Birth Coach & Doula Care

Feel mounting pressure to "have it together" before the birth? Are fears bubbling up inside you? Are you ready of healing? 

I have 5+ years experience as a student midwife, attending over 80+ births and hundreds of prenatal and postpartum/lactation appointments. Match that with my Reiki expertise and we can see some huge emotional shifts in health and healing. 

The Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut conducted tests during pregnancy involving the use of just the simplest form of Reiki. This study showed

  •         Reduced stress and anxiety during pregnancy by 94%
  •         Reduced pain by 78%
  •         Nausea and morning sickness were reduced by 80%
  •         Quality of sleep was improved by 86%

Love Reiki and want a Reiki Doula to offer Reiki during your labor/birth? I'll go on-call to offer distance Reiki for your birth. What's distance Reiki? Check out this blog!  Yes, it's amazing! As I offer distance Reiki, I visualize your cervix melting away and can pick up on what may help you during your labor (positions, natural remedies, and the like). 

Want to delve deeper into your healing during your pregnancy? Sacred Birth Coaching may be for you! This is a monthly-fee program which includes weekly check-ins, distance Reiki sessions, Reiki during your birth and more!  

I also offer Sacred Birth Doula Care and Packages, check out all your Sacred Birthwork options here

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Blessingway Ceremonies

As an alternative option to baby showers, the Blessingway Ceremony allows the mother to be the guest of honor in sacred ceremony among her community of women as she enters into motherhood.  Her spiritual tradition or religion can be integrated to make her ceremony unique to her. Common aspects may include: 

  • smudging
  • crowning the mother
  •  blessing the space
  •  pampering with foot bath, massage, hair combing, etc
  • poem readings, songs and blessings offered from  guests
  • bead ceremony
  • string binding ceremony
  • art projects
  • and more...  

I offer Blessingway Ceremonies to mothers in Bozeman, MT and offer Officiant Training. Watch for my upcoming e-book: "Mother Blessingway Ceremony: The Celebrant's Manual. A Complete Guide to Hosting a Blessingway Ceremony"  as well as online training!  

Birthworkers!! Get the Reiki training and support you need!

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