Reiki Offerings

Reiki is a century old Japanese hand healing technique. Reiki roughly translates to spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki is not a religion, but a healing practice used to guide this energy for healing yourself and others. Reiki is fantastic for stress reduction, opening to intuition, as well as healing illnesses. Classes allow you to become an open source to powerful healing energy. Reiki heals on every level including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Reiki will also only work for highest good of all, never doing harm. Listen to the following interview to learn more.

Listen to Universal Connection Radio, a podcast, as they interview me on the basics of Reiki.  

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Reiki sessions are an excellent choice to relax and find your center. Any time is a good time to get Reiki.  

Reiki helps everyone of all ages and stages of life, particularly if the ailment is reoccurring or you feel stuck. I help find the root causes of issues. I've helped those with:

  • common complaints of pregnancy and childbirth
  • cancer
  • emotional traumas
  • anxiety and stress
  • reoccurring nightmares, insomnia
  • common colds to pneumonia
  • addiction recovery 
  • grieving lost loved ones
  • broken bones to old sports injuries
  • moving through fear
  • and more. 

Distance sessions, Chakra Analysis, and private guided meditations are also available.

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Reiki Training is broken down into 3 levels: 

  1. Energy Basics and Self-Healing
  2. Healing Others, including Distance Healing
  3. Masters: Connecting with the Spirit World

I teach students to trust their intuition and spiritual guidance rather than a specific set of hand positions. The level one and two classes are 6 hours and the Masters class is 10 hours with a 2-3 hour individual follow-up. I cap my class size to make sure all individual needs are met and commit to my Reiki students continual guidance throughout the years. 



Do you feel lost, tired, or continually having negative experiences in your life? Not getting the results you desire in your personal life, relationships, business or spiritual life? I can help.

I am a spiritual mentor meets wellness coach wrapped in Reiki healing intention. I bring awareness to blocked areas. As a spiritual mentor I guide the healing process and then coach on appropriate lifestyle changes for success in whatever areas needed. I also offer distance Reiki sessions to also help release blockages and bring in healing energy to your physical, emotional and spiritual health. We work as a team until your goals are reached. 

The monthly fee includes creating a personalized healing plan. This includes weekly coaching check-ins (this can be in-person, phone, or Skype), guided visual imagery meditations, centering sessions, as well as distance Reiki sessions.