7 Distance Reiki Sessions

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7 Distance Reiki Sessions

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Join my live event at the ReikiCafe Bozeman studio or via Webinar! Listen in on 7 weeks of Chakra Guided meditations (purchased separately) and add 7 weekly Distance Reiki Sessions to supplement your healing! We’ll look at our calendars and find the best times to schedule your healing sessions to seal in the healing work done with the meditations. I’ll share written notes of any information or messages from Spirit at the end of the session (this may be they next day if it’s a late evening session… continuing Reiki sleep is so healing and I wouldn’t want to wake you).

Crowdcast will host the event live every Wednesday night from 6:30-7:30 PM PDT / 9:30-10:30 PM EDT beginning January 9th through February 20th.

Need a refresher on the Chakras?

What are characteristics of The Seven Chakras?

Root Chakra (pubic area) is the foundation to life. When in balance, you feel safe and secure, with trust that your physical needs are met. When out of balance, you feel anxious.  SERIOUSLY ANXIOUS, with intense fears about money, physical harm, and basic survival needs, or insecurities about relationships or life in general. Imbalances here pertain to past emotional pains that are buried deep.

Sacral Chakra (below navel) is the center of your joy and creativity. When in balance, your emotions feel valid. When out of balance, you question your emotions and lack creativity, spontaneity, and laughter. Your hormones and reproductive organs can get out of whack, your sex life can become a dry well, or addiction and eating disorders surface. Imbalance in the Sacral Chakra is often rooted to childhood trauma.  

Solar Plexus (below breastbone) brings you confidence when healthy, validating Who You Are. It gives you strength to let go of what does not serve you or your purpose. When underactive, you may tend to give in to others, with low self-esteem, self-doubt and negative self-talk. If overactive, your Ego is left unchecked and narcissism shows up. Imbalances in any of the lower Chakras can adversely affect the Solar Plexus Chakra, leaving you angry and feeling manipulated.

Heart Chakra (chest center) assists in receiving as well as offering love in relationships. The power of this chakra is self-love in action. In balance, you welcome loving, trusting relationships with kindness, compassion and love to others, while sustaining healthy boundaries. When out of balance, you may experience abusive relationships, intimacy and commitment issues, inability to forgive, lack of empathy, indecisiveness, or fear of rejection. Heart Chakra imbalances develop from the heart-break of previous relationships, in this or past lives.

Throat Chakra (neck to ears) is about communication. When in balance, you take your wisdom of “who you are” and confidence from Solar Plexus, move it through the Heart Chakra with compassion, and clearly express your needs, wants, and desires. You are able to listen to others with a kind and patient ear. When underactive, you have fear of speaking up and let others direct your world. You may not express clearly or effectively, and end up being misunderstood or misinterpreted. On the flip side, you may never stop talking, not listening to others or confusing what they say. Throat Chakra imbalances relate to multiple sources, including childhood trauma, past lives, or current relationships.

Third Eye Chakra (forehead) is the core of your intuition and spiritual gifts. When in balance, your insights are clear and you honor your innate wisdom. When underactive, you only perceive what can be tangible and scientifically proven. When open, but without awareness and control, you can be too easily influenced by unseen energies and emotions of others. Imbalances in the Third Eye Chakra stem from traditional societal expectations and institutions.

Crown Chakra (top of head) helps you know that you are Divine, with no separation, as you embrace your higher purpose on this Earth plane. When underactive, you may feel confused, directionless, or uninspired. When overactive, you can feel overwhelmed. When shut down, you may adhere to a cynical outlook on life, disconnected from any “higher source”. Imbalance can be caused by a myriad of possibilities and/or blocks in the lower Chakras.