• Bozeman, MT, 59718
  • United States

Ok, I'm addicted! I love LuLaRoe. They're comfortable for the home, professional enough for my clients, and they look great! If you haven't tried LuLaRoe, make it a priority. You too, will fall in love. 

Now there's a back story... Anne Richardson is my LuLaRoe gal. When I first met her, she was incredibly private, anxious, and fearful. She attended my Chakra Meditation series, then my Reiki Level One Class and over that time, something became alive within her. She made a break through, and the next thing I know she was spontaneously in Salt Lake City, missing her meditation class and at a LuLaRoe convention. Very out of character and everyone in the class cheered! So I support my good friend and Reiki student in finding her own joy in LuLaRoe.

This is a unique party because I'll be offering quick Chakra Analysis (energy work) to evaluate the health of your Chakras. With the feedback offered, Anne will help you find the right color to help balance your Chakras! 

Call or text for location address: 406-404-9139 or join the online party! Ask me how!

Blessings, hope you can come!