Let's dive deeper into our understanding of the connection between emotional stress the physical manifestation of dis-ease. This 1.5 hour presentation will cover an overview of the Chakras and their common physical manifestations when out of balance as well as time for comments, questions and discussion!

After years of offering Reiki training, Reiki sessions and dealing with my own health issues, I began to see a connection between the emotional traumas one experiences and their physical manifestation of dis-ease. I studied the Chakras and other ways of looking at dis-ease. From this approach I healed my own health issues and applied this information to my Reiki sessions. Time and time again clients resonated with the information I was providing them. I am currently developing Chakra course work for Reiki practitioners and others to understand the underlying reasons of their health issues. Are you ready for healing?

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In Love & Light,

Christine Renee