Feed your body temple with Essante Organic products. Join Hannah Meeks and I to sample some delicious and nutritious products. 

I am not an MLM fan, this is actually my first, and it's the products that won me over. The products are clean, with no fillers. The formulators obviously had a clear focus on the highest level of nutritional potential possible. I was impressed that when I asked Hannah what the ORAC score was she knew not only what I meant, but had the answer. 

I've had the products for only a few weeks and already want to share them. I'm not into losing weight, if you know me, I'm a stick already. But I need protein. I had to give up eggs in the last 6 months and since my husband is a vegetarian, I'm not meeting my needs. And the protein powder is vegan and I'm creative. I've used it to make coffee mochas, and chocolate protein bars. 

As for the Bee Natural, OMG I love this product. It's an immune booster and a hormone balancer (not even one cycle through and I can already see the difference). And perhaps the Super Reds and Super Greens are making an impact too. 

This party is about sharing and tasting, with no pressure or commitment. Just come check it out.