Ever take a class, workshop, or online program and a week later the information has already slipped out of your head? Attending a retreat includes more hands-on practice in an environment conducive for healing and learning.

Blah, Blah, Blah… okay let’s break this down.  Imagine:

  1. driving up a dirt road to an off-grid straw bale retreat center with gardens, a labyrinth, and most of all peace. You unplug from the world with no cell-service, no WiFi.  You take a deep breath and feel your body center, ready to take in whatever the weekend brings.
  2. as class begins and your attention consumes the information, followed by hands-on practice of each segment, creating the cellular memory of the experience. You think, “Ok, I got this. I’m confident I can commit to continuing after the weekend is over”.
  3. decompression time at the end of each day to ask questions and grow in your confidence.
  4. the wholesome food and bed are ready when you are.
  5. beginning to realize “You get what pay for. A retreat is an investment that pays you back down the road.”

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