Find a picture of me 6 years ago, and I wore the typical business garb. Every article of clothing was black, tan, beige, or white. Not only was it boring, I felt tired, sick, stressed, and blah, just like my clothing. I didn’t change my look overnight, but after I left the corporate world and started my private Reiki practice, I started to add more color. Then last spring I taught my first chakra meditation series. Each week I focused on a different chakra, studying its attributes and color orientation. Each class I wore the matching color for that chakra. Even my students started doing it. And things got colorful for the first time in my adult life. I no longer grabbed for one of my three beige sweaters.

This was also the time I discovered LulaRoe because I wanted certain colors that I couldn’t find in “typical” shops. Finding yellow for solar plexus was difficult and I’m still on the hunt for the perfect indigo for the third eye chakra.

Anne Richardson, my LulaRoe gal and Reiki student, invited me into her home to look through racks of color! I tried one on of every size and style. The clothes felt amazing and I looked amazing. I fell in love. And at first I wasn’t proud of it because I’ve always tried to be frugal, resourceful, and thrifty. But wearing these clothes allowed me to move and feel comfortable whether giving a Reiki session or leading guided meditation. It was the first time in a long time I wasn’t trying to pass off hand-me-downs as “me”. I finally felt like my clothes represented the real “me”.

Then, I started letting my inner guidance choose my outfit, setting my intentions for my clothing for the day, and becoming aware of how the color awoke the corresponding chakra. The orange awoke my creativity, green let me feel peace at heart, and blue heightened my communication in accordance to the chakra color.

I’ve been preparing for a spiritual retreat I’m leading in Columbus, OH on January 21st, 2017. And as I flipped through Anne’s online albums, I caught sight of the perfect dress for the retreat. Blue and Yellow. Blue is ideal for communication, and yellow helps you feel determined, confident, and powerful. All the attributes I want to harness for standing on a stage leading a room of 50 strangers in meditation.


So, of course, I purchased the perfect dress. Then, as I started to pack I looked at each day and what qualities I wanted to enhance during my trip. Thursday: Orange and Green. Orange to help the creative energy to flow from the sacral chakra mixed with the green of heart chakra to keep it love focused as I finish preparing my speeches. Friday: Teal, Orange, and Green. Continuation of Thursday’s intention, mixed with teal, a soft communication as I plan to share a meal and lead the organizers in a guided meditation that evening. Saturday: the perfect dress! Feeling the love warrior communicate and enjoy the stage. Sunday: Orange, Red, and Blue. Orange to help create a conclusion blog, meditation or the like. With Red for grounding in the root chakra, and Blue to help with communication on the flight home.

With my clothes set, I started visualizing each day, the color, and the intentional goals that correspond. My typical travel anxiety is at bay and I have a knowing that once I put on the Blue and Yellow dress I can step out onto that stage in confidence. Stay tuned to see how it goes.

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