Reiki and childbirth seems so natural to me. As in our end, the beginning of life allows for portals to open. It is easy to communicate with the other side.

As a student midwife, I was called into the birth center for a mother in labor at 7am. Our first time mama, Becky, had spent the night before in early labor, focusing on each contraction, timing them and breathing through them. She even had her friends come over all night to rub on her. When she arrived at the birth center, she was only dilated to one centimeter (out of ten). Becky was devastated with her lack of progress and already exhausted from early labor.

The midwife sent her home, to take some valerian root and sleep, and ignore these early signs of labor. After a few hours her water broke and she was back at the birth center by late afternoon, still not having slept. Becky was discouraged and distraught with each contraction. Little progress had been made. I could read the midwife labeling Becky as a C-section already.

I offered the Becky Reiki. She immediately accepted. I put my hands on her ankles and evaluated her energy flow. She was ungrounded and too much energy was spent on mental processing. Understanding the situation, I called in our guides, including the unborn child’s. I visualized her energy sinking lower into her body and all the way to her feet. I visualized the Earth energy rising and setting her feet firmly in the Earth, grounding her. Becky’s energy shifted and she settled into a breathing pattern during each contraction. The senior student midwife reported to the head midwife that I had performed a miracle.

Becky’s labor progressed and I consistently provided Reiki, only leaving for about an hour for dinner. As I sat at the mother’s feet in a meditative state for hours on end, I felt a guiding Angel stand behind me to assist. He spread his wings beyond my arms and energetically swept the cervix open during each contraction and swept the baby lower into the pelvis at the end of each contraction.

I blessed the Angel’s presence. After about eight hours of Reiki, Becky was nearly completely dilated. Becky moved into the birth tub preparing for birth and I sat on the edge of the tub. There I noticed a spirit baby watching the scene from above. In a motherly fashion, I insisted the spirit get into her body and help move the physical body down through the birth canal. The spirit baby did so and soon the baby was born into the hands of her mother. The baby was immediately calm, alert, and content in her mother’s arms. 

During Becky's postpartum appointments, she stated that "you taught her body how to have a contraction. I couldn't have made it through labor without you". It was such a blessing to be apart of her birth. I hope to have more Reiki Doula clients.  

The names have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients. 

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