Before beginning your self-Reiki treatment, center yourself in preparation. There are numerous ways to do so.


The traditional Reiki technique, Gassho, is when you place your hands in prayer pose with thumbs against your breast bone, then bow your head until your chin rests upon the tops of your middle fingers. In this position, focus on your palm chakras and feel your exhaled breath move over your hands. This quickly centers your mind as there is a focus point. When thoughts drift in, recognize them, and then let them pass. This is the basis of meditation. Gassho can be done for 10-20 minutes a day to clear your mind and help you focus on your Reiki practice.

From Gassho, move your prayer hands to your third eye and place your thumbs at third eye center. This is called Reiji-ho and will increase your intuitive power. With your hands here, ask for your intuition to direct your Reiki practice, setting aside your logical mind. Keep your hands at the third eye, while focusing on the palm chakras, feeling the Reiki flow. This usually only takes a few minutes.

Then place your Reiki hands at your navel, let go of your thoughts and let Reiki flow. This is the location of Tanden or Hara. The Tanden is the physical location of your center. When you focus on this location, you find balance in your physical body. Hara is similar. It is your spiritual well of energy at the belly and the essence of who you are. When you focus on Tanden, you begin to realize your focus tunes into the Hara, your own true nature. By placing your hands at the Hara at the beginning of your session, the Reiki recognizes your highest good. This can be done in a matter of a few minutes, or longer if you feel drawn to do so. This is also powerful at the end of a session or after giving an attunement, as it stores the excess energy in your Hara.

Watch this video as I Center and move into a self-Reiki treatment:

Meditation is a wonderful way to train your mind to center. By having a regular meditative practice, moving through Gassho, Reiji-ho, and/or focusing on your Hara, can take only a few minutes. The more you train your mind to open and let go of your monkey mind, the easier it becomes. Meditation can come in many forms. Using a guided meditation is the easiest for beginners. 

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