Margaret, a mother of two young boys, came to see me after having left an abusive relationship. She was eager to heal and move on with her life. She saw all the pain and suffering in her past and continued to struggle with her internal dialogue of self-hate that was perpetuated by her relationship. She came not knowing of Reiki, but with trust and a willingness to change and heal.

I began the Reiki session, called in our guides, and instantly felt the rigidity of energy in her solar plexus chakra to her throat chakra. It was full of negative parasitic energy. I worked on the area, opening the chest area psychically. Toxic energy spilled out. I asked that Archangel Michael be present to help remove the negative energy. He appeared at once. A tall, muscular man with long hair and a glimmering sword in hand. 

I moved to let Archangel Michael assist. As I placed my hands on Margaret’s head, Archangel Michael stood on the table with his sword pointing at Margaret’s chest. As this dark energy spilled out and parasitic energy became exposed, Archangel Michael sliced through the energy and destroyed it. I swept the energy to the floor and more and more came up from Margaret’s chest. Archangel Michael continued to slice, cut, and decimate.

Mother Gaia rose out of the floor to her waist holding a large basket to collect the negative energy. As I swept them into the basket, Archangel Michael kicked them into the basket. When all the negative energy was released and collected, Mother Gaia returned the energy to the Earth for her to transmute the energy into compost. Archangel Michael’s disposition changed. He again approached Margaret on the table pointing his sword at her open wound. But this time, the sword released healing light and sealed the wound closed. I thanked him for his assistance and effort and he left as quickly as he came.

I continued the flow of Reiki into her heart space, along with numerous Reiki symbols. I ended with Reiki on her feet to help ground her in her new reality of peace and hope. She noted that she felt much lighter after the session and was ready for a new outlook on life. 

Names have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients. 

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