The solar plexus chakra is where confidence, power, and self-worth bloom located between the navel and below the breastbone. It can radiate confidence, but can also harbor judgement of others and self-criticism.  Your inner-critic lives here. Is your solar plexus in balance? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you feel comfortable to walk through a party?
  • Can you let go of disagreements or play it over and over in your head?
  • Do you feel motivated to succeed?

Solar plexus can take the inner passions from your sacral Chakra and fill you with self-purpose and motivation when in balance. When out of balance, you anger easily, you doubt yourself, you criticize others and can be defensive. You may also have health issues regarding your liver, spleen, stomach, gallbladder and skin. If this sounds familiar and you answered “No” to the questions above, maybe it’s time to add yellow to your wardrobe. As you wear yellow, intend the feeling of balance and confidence. Perfect color for a job interview or presentation.

Yellow met blue for this outfit that I put together for leading a United Methodist in a retreat this last winter. Yellow gave me the confidence boost I needed, while blue assisted with communication. Learn more in my blog on Enhance Your Chakra Vibrancy Through Your Closet!

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