Why would you seek out specific clothing colors beyond matching? And what affect could they have on your Chakra vibrancy? Let’s break it down by color starting with…

Red! Correlated with the root Chakra, red helps to stay grounded. This Chakra represents your foundation and stability in life. Ask yourself:

  • Are your basic needs met for survival?
  • Do you feel safe?
  • Do you have financial security?

Big life changes can also cause unease in your root Chakra. Such as the process of moving, changing your job or career, having marked change in key relationships (for example: death in the family or breakup with a long-term partner), or having insecurities in your finances. Root Chakra imbalances may manifest as anxiety, nightmares, or physical ailments in the hips, legs, and feet as well as the colon or bladder.

If these scenarios sound familiar or if you answered “No” to the above questions, add red to your wardrobe with the intention for grounding. Red pants help with the physical root Chakra disorders. A red scarf or hat help bring flighty upward energy back down toward the Earth for grounding.  Wear red clothing with the intention to attract financial abundance into your life. Intention is key! As you pick out red clothing, think of the attributes of the root Chakra that need healing and intent it.

Watch out for all the upcoming colors and how they can enhance your Chakra vibrancy!

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