The crown Chakra is a beautiful violet radiating from the top of your head and lets you feel your divine connection within the universe. An open crown Chakra allows for you to understand on a spiritual level that we are all one and all from the same source, that separation does not exist. Is your crown Chakra open? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you hold a meditative state without “monkey mind” coming in and taking over?
  • Can you feel a connection to the interdependent web of all living things?
  • Can you look beyond details to see the broad picture of your life and its purpose?

When your crown Chakra is open, you understand your life purpose and your place within it, you feel connected to divine energy. When the crown Chakra is closed, ego and intellect get in the way of your spiritual connection to “all that is.” You may overly process situations and try to manipulate life rather than accepting the present moment and all its gifts. If this sounds familiar or if you answered “no” to the above questions, consider adding violet to your attire. This will help with your spiritually awakening. As always, wear violet with intention.

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