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The purpose of “cleaning” or “clearing” your room or space for a Reiki session is to release any negative energy and to fill the area with love and light. “Cleaning” your room is simple and only takes a few minutes.  Here are a few techniques:

  • Reiki bubble
  • Reiki walls, floor and ceiling
  • Smudge with Reiki
  • Feather sweep with Reiki

The Reiki bubble is simple. In the immediate space in which you plan your session, visualize and cast a Reiki bubble around the space. Ask your Reiki guides and Angels to fill the space with love and light and only allow positive love and light entities and energy within.  Once the Reiki bubble is cast, sit or lay within to start your session.

Alternatively, you can Reiki the walls, floor and ceiling of the room where you will have the session. Just ready your Reiki hands, raise your hands to the center of the wall and then to each upper corner of the wall and then down the wall. Visualize the Reiki white energy painting the wall, like a falling curtain of Reiki energy, letting any negative or old energy fall to the Earth. You can add a Reiki symbol if you feel called to do so.  Repeat on each wall, the ceiling and floor with special attention around doors and windows. This technique of Reiki seems to last longer and can be utilized on the whole house or building. A must when moving into a new home.


Smudging is similar to the above, except that instead of using your hands giving the Reiki, visualize that Reiki is coming through the smudge stick. This is great for clearing negative or dark energy. You can even draw your Reiki symbols with the smudge stick. You can also combine these two techniques, using one Reiki hand and the other using the smudge stick.

The feather sweep is when you hold a long feather, preferably an eagle sized feather, and sweep the walls with it. Visualize that the feather gathers any negative or dark energy. Then use a hand to pull off the energy from the feather and cast it (throw it) down to the Earth. Use the non-feather hand to give Reiki to the walls.

Try each and feel what works best for you. Remember it is your intention of blessing the space with Reiki that is most important. 

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