Brianna, 20-year old, came in for a Reiki session. Her NA sponsor, Tiffany, recommended she see me. She was 2 weeks clean from a variety of drugs, the worst being meth. I briefly got some background information. She’s the pastor’s daughter of one of our most right-winged, fundamentalist churches in town. Brianna complained that her parents bombard her with judgement in which she used drugs to escape and rebel. She even stated, “I’m the cliché of a pastor’s daughter”. 

When she was dropped off by her mother, Beth, I tried to explain Reiki in the most Christian way I could. I explained to Beth that I work with Angels and love and light energy to help people in body and spirit. Unsure, she left Brianna for her session.

I explained Reiki again to Brianna, letting her know that I also work with spirit guides and power animals, whoever shows up in love and light with an intention for healing. She was ready to change and to heal.

I started the session by calling upon our Angels, spirit guides, and healing helpers. Asking that any release go to Mother Gaia for her reuse and recycling. I moved my hands from one chakra to the next. Her heart chakra to her throat chakra was locked up. As I moved the Reiki energy in, a major release occurred. Small negative entities and parasitic energies were released. I called up Archangel Michael for assistance. As he showed up, I also became aware of a demon like entity hiding beneath the massage table. I called, “We release you. No longer can you torment Brianna”.  Archangel Michael took his sword and sliced through the demon and each negative entity springing forth from Brianna’s chest. Mother Gaia brought up a basket to collect the remnants of these beings. I energetically swept them into the basket, whereas Archangel Michael kicked the debris into the basket. 

I moved healing Reiki light into Brianna’s chest. Filling this now vacant cavity. When I moved to her head, I heard her Angels whisper “You are worthy of healing”, “You are worthy of life”, “You are a child of God”, “Smile, we see you”, etc. After the session, I wrote these affirmations down for Brianna and invited her to write them on her mirror in white erase maker for constant reminders.

Brianna stated she felt so much lighter after her session, that her heaviness was gone. She felt gratitude for the healing that occurred. A few days later, Tiffany said Brianna was like a different person after the treatment, brighter in spirit.

This session was unique in a few ways. First, I’ve never witnessed so many negative entities being purged, and second the Reiki ran cold instead of hot. I wish I had more time to work with this client for her healing because a week later I learned from Tiffany that Brianna would no longer be seeing me. Her parents had banned her from doing meditation or Reiki sessions with me in fear that she may be possessed by the Devil. If they only knew the whole story… 

The names have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients. 

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