A client, Tonya, came to see me with numerous complaints. Tonya struggled with Lyme disease, she just loss a friend who had just past days before, this reminded her of the many friends she had lost so young in life.

I began the session and soon after her friend showed up in spirit form. He explained how everyone was weeping over his life, that he wanted his life to be celebrated and that Tonya was honoring him without tears of sadness. He wanted to be with her during this time, to help her heal.

He asked, “So what’s this Reiki stuff all about? How do I do it?” I showed him how to rub his hands together and ask for the universal love and light to flow through his crown and into Tonya. I showed him to put his hands on her head and shoulders.  I taught him how we could pass the Reiki energy between us, through the Tonya’s body, healing her. I stood at her feet and he was at her head and we had a powerful session passing the energy back and forth.

He was grateful to be a part of the session and to learn Reiki. I explained, “you will have a strong connection since you just crossed over into the realm of love and peace”. I told him he could go and heal others with what he learned. When the session ended and he had left, Tonya asked, “How were you able to be on my head and feet at the same time?” I explained that her friend had come to learn Reiki and heal her. Needless to say, Tonya was astonished.

The names have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients. 

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