Many people feel anxious before they spend time with dysfunctional family members, especially if there is a history of conflict, disrespect, or inappropriate interactions. Because conflicts like these are tough to navigate, most people go into the family interactions without a plan, as well as being unaware of their choices and personal power. When the predictable negative interactions happen and they are triggered, they are left to try to respond without being clear of their choices. Either they blow up or go silent, neither of which feels good to them. It ends up being a damned if I do and damned if I don’t feeling. Shame often accompanies the angst.

During our retreat we will help you identify the most common negative interactions, as well as the most common triggers you experience. Then we will witness and nurture your pain from family wounding experiences in a supportive group. This helps us take full ownership in our wounded selves, and continues the healing path back to our natural whole Self.  Also, then we are not reliant on family members to make it right. This is a path to our true authentic personal power.

In addition, we brainstorm and create the healthiest responses to negative family interactions, which enhances your ability to remain conscious and intentional in your choices.  The result is you let go of relying on family members for your happiness or comfort, and remain true to yourself in words and actions. The new responses allow you to speak your truth, stand in your integrity, and your clear, conscious and thoughtful nature.

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