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It all started when...

Here’s my abbreviated story and how the ReikiCafe, and my Free Reiki Challenge came to be:

2 years ago I found myself completely depleted. I was struggling to get into remission from an autoimmune disease flare, but it felt more like trying to climb out of 6 feet deep. My ex-husband was calling the police over things like my son not wearing soccer shorts to practice, and heaven forbid he miss a game (at 9 years old). My anxiety was through the roof and I lived in despair.

So, I did some drastic things. I started meditating. In meditation, I saw my Guardian Angel strangling me (more on this later) and I fired him on the spot! I quit my job and even gave up custody of my son for a while. I had to make ME a priority.

I decided the only thing I would do was Reiki and meditation and just take a break to heal. Luckily my current husband was super supportive and is an awesome father to our than 3 year old daughter .

I began the ReikiCafé looking to build an online Reiki community. In my small town, there wasn’t a Reiki hotspot, at least not yet (…on the bucket list). I’ve grown my group to over 700 members in less than 2 years. I love the ReikiCafé! The members are engaged and supportive.

I wanted to not only get my butt in gear to start new Reiki habits, but wanted to do it with the ReikiCafe so we could all hold each other accountable and be a support network. So, in July 2016 I launched our first free 30-day Reiki Challenge to actively practice self-Reiki care daily for 30-days.

It was a success!! And so, I continuously offer it FREE quarterly, every July, October, January, and April. Register for our next Reiki Challenge!

Over the last few years, I’ve successfully gone into remission, am a wonderful mother to both my children and followed my Reiki Dreams by starting a full-time Reiki practice. And hope to support you in your Reiki Dreams as well.