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Christine Renee

Are you ready for healing?? 


Christine Renee

Are you ready for healing?? 

Join Christine Renee at the ReikiCafe

 The ReikiCafe is a place to feed our body, mind, and spirit. Let us nourish our bodies together by offering our body-temple the highest quality nutrition and toxic free lifestyle. May we calm our minds together with mindfulness and meditation. May our spirits awaken with the love and light of Reiki, balancing this triad of the body, mind, and spirit. 

The ReikiCafe offers numerous opportunities to excel your healing and expand your Reiki knowledge and skills through our Reiki Challenges, Chakra Revitalization Challenges, Distance Reiki Circles and more! 

Online scheduling

Book your Reiki session at Yoga Motion Wellness Academy in Bozeman! 

Now seeing clients in Yellowstone Club!


Grab your Freebies! 


Upcoming Online Offerings

Upcoming Online Offerings

Reiki & Manifesting Abundance Online Workshops

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  • Money is evil...

  • Wealthy people are greedy and misuse their power...

  • You can’t be spiritual and make money...

    These are LIES!!

    Through this 5 week course, we will dispel our underlying limiting beliefs around money... most of which lie in the subconscious and you're not even aware of. We'll bring them to the surface, do a belief clearing exercise and get ready to manifest abundance into your life!

    These online workshops will include meditations to specific actions steps to change your energetic vibration around your money mentality and how Reiki can help!

    Join us! Only $40!!!

    Here's the schedule:
    Aug 18th: Identify & Heal Core Limiting Beliefs Around Money
    Aug 25th: Mindset for Manifesting Abundance
    Sept 1st: Tips, Tricks, & Tools for Manifesting Money!
    Sept 8th: The Self-Worth - Net Worth Connection
    Sept 15th: Action Steps: Set your Money Vibe in Motion!

    Register Here:

Chakra Mastermind Monthly Membership Program

Here’s what’s included, no matter which level you sign up for:
– 7 Chakra Courses. Each Chakra Course includes: 

  • Video Recording on Reiki & ____ Chakra (insert Chakra name)

  • Audio Recording of Shamanic Guided Meditation for ____ Chakra

  • Chakra Exercises 

  • Chakra Yoga Practice

  • Essential Oils for ____ Chakra

  • Journal Prompts and Affirmations

– Supportive Facebook Community. The Chakra Mastermind includes a private Facebook group to connect with others on the same path & support your transformation & healing. You’ll even have the opportunity to get your questions answered personally by me during “Office Hours” hosted 2x a month!

– PLUS! Bonuses, including webinar replays of guest speakers from around the world on specific Chakra topics. (Think: Empowered Abundance with Leah Ardent, Spiritual Sensuality with Bruce Taylor, Embodied Confidence with Britney Taylor, and many more!)

If you want to go deeper, you can sign up for the Silver plan, which includes all of the above, PLUS weekly group coaching calls with me. (This means you’ll have the opportunity to receive further wisdom and suggestions personalized to your situation on a group call. You can post your questions to be answered or jump on screen with me for a live conversation. You will not only find your answers helpful, but those of other members!)

Or, take your healing to the next level with the Gold Membership! At this level, I’ll become your accountability buddy/spiritual bestie and personal transformation Reiki Coach. You'll receive everything in the Silver level, PLUS a weekly 1-hour coaching call with me to optimize your healing progress as we discuss your progress, goals, and next steps every single week. You’ll have my undivided attention to ask questions and seek support.

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    Reiki Beginnings

    The Reiki Dream

    Reiki Beginnings

    The Reiki Dream

    Why not just Christine? Looking at the meaning of my full name, I first became disappointed. Born-again Christian. That’s not me! But then, in meditation, my guides corrected me, “You are Christ Consciousness Reborn”. Wow! Now with full intention, I offer to be that representation. Perhaps not perfectly, but in integrity.
    — Christine Renee

    My Reiki Journey 


    I started my Reiki journey while training as a student midwife in a birth center at age 21. As life swept me in different directions, I always held to Reiki as a source of healing and divine connection. I became an Usui Reiki Master in 2004 and taught Reiki for over 10 years in the Bozeman, MT with over 100 Reiki students, including 11 Reiki Masters. Many see me as a medical intuitive because I tune into physical ailments and the underlying emotional traumas. I currently have my private Reiki practice at Hera Salon in Bozeman, Montana, and provide Reiki, shamanic journey work, as well as a variety of Sacred Birthwork services. In addition, I offer Reiki Coaching as well as Reiki Apprenticeships for committed Reiki students. I host monthly Reiki Circles as well as distance Reiki Circles at the ReikiCafe. I love teaching! I offer Reiki training and workshops, retreat weekends, and inspirational speeches. A little more background...

    My Reiki Dream is to touch 1,000,000 lives!

    I am devoted to helping others find their center, their truth, and their vitality from a holistic healing approach. I spent numerous years helping women in the midwifery and lactation world and continuously move toward spiritual touch and coaching as my primary means of supporting others. I have big dreams and ambitions in creating a brick and mortar as well as a virtual ReikiCafe, a place to nourish the body, mind, and spirit.

    Need additional Reiki Training? I offer what your Reiki Master didn't have time to teach you... 

    Now offering what many Reiki practitioners never had, but yearned for Reiki Apprenticeship. I'm putting the relationship back into Reiki training! Just as our Reiki history shows, Reiki is taught through practice and mentoring. Just after my Reiki Masters training (which was brief), my Reiki Master left town, changed her number and email with no way to contact her. And now with the online training scene, I hear all to often the lack of mentoring and confidence in Reiki students. I offer a 3-Month Reiki Apprenticeship Program to fill in your education gaps, develop your intuition abilities, and build your profitable Reiki business! If your looking for a slower pace and more personal healing consider Reiki Coaching

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    Hear What Folks are Saying:


    Hear What Folks are Saying:



    What clients are saying about Christine Renee:

    "I honestly feel that the material and guidance available to us here in the ReikiCafe, whether you are a practitioner or just learning is phenomenal." - Cassidy Ryan
    "I have received multiple distance Reiki sessions as well as Reiki in person from Christine. They have all contributed to my path to healing and I have the utmost appreciation and trust for Christine. The first distance session I didn't know what to expect so I just went into it with an open mind, during which I was able to fall half-asleep in my bed when Christine was doing the session from her home. In my half dream-like state, I consciously felt an energetic/ angelic presence do what I can only attempt to describe in words as "open me up" as if peeling open an outer darker layer and my inner light spilling out. I woke up shortly after Christine was done and had one of the strangest experiences of my life. I looked around my bedroom and saw that everything looked lighter, as if the foggy lens I was looking through before had been wiped clean. The next day Christine told me that my guardian angel was working with her to "unzip" my old "skin" so that I could be reborn and have all my past traumas and my past self be let go. My mind was blown with the consistency of my experience and what Christine told me she had worked on. Needless to say I was no longer a skeptic!" - Madeline Zidack


    “Doing Reiki therapy with Christine has been very enlightening. Her calm, warm presence makes me feel cared for. She is truly gifted and has helped me understand how and why I need to do things differently in my life moving forward to make it the best it can be. I highly recommend her services to anyone feeling a pull for spiritual guidance or self improvement.”  — Bree Sizer
    “Christine’s shamanic Reiki work has worked miracles for my son. He had suffered from night terrors as well as extreme anxiety surrounding sleep and darkness. After only a few sessions he made major shifts and stopped waking up at night and crying out in his sleep as well as needing us to comfort him. Christine’s work has done so much for our family and thanks to her we are all sleeping!!”  — Pele Pasquesi
    “It had been six years since my mom died and I was still struggling with great sadness. I had also recently lost a few very special people to heart trouble and suicide, so the grief was a bit overwhelming at times. Christine suggested a distance Reiki session. I had no idea what to expect but I can say that that Reiki session left me feeling lighter and more at ease with my loss. I can’t explain it but death just does not feel so scary anymore.”  — Tawnya Armstrong Healy
    “I went into my first Reiki session skeptical but I came out feeling amazing. My stomach has been in a knot all week and by the end of the session it felt like all of that tension released. I highly recommend Christine Renee.”  — Amber Campanelli
    “Just had my first Reiki treatment from Christine Renee. It was pretty incredible. I went in not really knowing what to expect. I left with a sense of wonder and a lot to think about. I look forward to another visit and highly recommend her services to anyone in need of healing. Thank you, Christine, for your kindness and candor. That was awesome.”  — Carri Roberge
    "I feel really good! It's kind of like there's new perspectives in everything in my life, and everything around me just looks different - it's pretty amazing!" - Heather West, one day after level 2 Reiki training.